At Donna’s Hair Design we believe that the addition of hair extensions can transform your look entirely – enhancing volume, length and even adding dashes of colour. Whether you dream of big, bouncy, vibrant tresses, or pine for sleek, more manageable locks.

We currently offer three types of hair extensions which are Micro Bonds, Micro Loops and Weaves.
We specialise in giving you the transformation you have always dreamed of whether it is for a social occasion or just an everyday look.

You might be thinking…. Which types of extensions are best for me. Its our aim to help you decide the best method and get you looking a million dollars.

The ‘weaving’ technique is an incredibly versatile and protective form of hair extension application. This trusted method has been around for centuries, and includes sewing on wefted hair extensions to your natural hair once they have been carefully braided into ‘tracks’. Whether your own hair is relaxed or natural, weaving is a discreet method of applying additional hair. Your new hair only truly begins to take form once it has been fitted. It is paramount that your new weave is cut, blended and styled.
Its a look that you have seen on many of the top celebs you just don’t know it!! Beyoncé, Rihanna and even Michelle Obama all regularly rock this look. The best thing about it is that we don’t need heat, glue. It gives you an amazing natural finish, adds length, volume and you can wash and style as normal.

Micro loop extensions are basically individual sections of real hair with a plastic ring at the top/root. An equal section of your own hair is fed through the big plastic loop, then slid through the small plastic ring. The loop is then detached and the plastic ring is flattened with pliers. When the ring is flattened, it releases a bonding agent which holds it in place. They’re fitted on the lower half of your head in rows, starting two inches in from your face and hairline so they’re not noticeable when your hair is down or up. They are a great way to boost volume and length depending on the style you want.