At Donna’s Hair design we don’t just cater for Adults, we have a wide client base that includes children. We know that your child’s hair is an important par of who they are as they grow and change.

Children with afro or multi textured and mixed race hair types need specific styling and specialist hairdressing techniques to ensure that they’re natural afro, curly textured hair stays manageable and in beautiful condition. If you’re a parent of a mixed race child or a child with very curly hair, you’ll know the challenges faced by parents trying to keep their little one’s gorgeous curls in the best condition possible. Curly hair and in particular afro and mixed race hair types are very different in texture to those with straighter hair. As such, a good haircare routine is important and will save styling stress for both parent and child. Girls or Boys all are welcome afro  hair or normal hair we can work with it all.